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Google AdSense Removed All SubDomain In AdSense Account 

Google AdSense 

You can no longer add or manage subdomains  that are part of  one of your  existing sites on  the Sites page.

Google AdSense

Any subdomains associated with a site in your account will be removed. This won't affect your earnings or ad serving.

Google AdSense

Control to block subdomains :

any subdomain, existing blocking controls will be promoted to the domain level. 

Google AdSense

Ads.txt file changes

Google AdSense

We're adding a new ads.txt column to the "Sites" table so you can quickly see the ads.txt status of your sites.

Site review time Change 

During the initial review, you'll quickly start getting suggestions for the specific types of issues you find on your sites. Some of these fixes won't apply immediately to your account.

What's changing?

Look and Style

The biggest change has been in its looks and styling. The new Sites page will list your sites in a table with a search function, just like sites are displayed elsewhere in AdSense.