How Do You Make A Decision When You Are Confused And What To Do

Question- How Do You Make A Decision When You Are Confused And What To Do ?

Answer:- You see, there are only 2 types of people who are clear about everything in their lives: the crazy and the fanatic.

So if you’re confused, you’re neither, which is a good sign. Absolute idiots and fanatics are always deathly sure of everything. They know they will go to heaven. Their only problem is that they want to take you with them, they need company. Something is happening everywhere, especially in the western world, but today it is making its way to urban India in a big way. That’s… you want to be decisive, that’s it.

I am constantly reevaluating my life. Should I continue, should I become a chef, or should I go back to motorcycling, or should I do something else, or should I play golf, should I do something? Or should I just be lazy – why not? I still consider, every day, and still decide that it is better to do it. Yes! I’m undecided, still considering. And that’s why it’s valuable. Not because I decided a long time ago, “I have no choice, I keep doing the same thing because I’m stuck in this.”

It is the nature of the mind that it is only intelligent and alive when it is watching every moment; if it is closed and decided, it is a stupid mind—it is as good as a piece of wood. It thinks every moment – only then is it an active mind. It’s just a matter of you making up your mind… you have to be joyfully confused, that’s all I’m saying.

How Do You Make A Decision When You Are Confused And What To Do

People are confused and unhappy because they think they have to be. They think that all successful people are clear and determined, they have made their decisions. No, only fanatics and fools are like that. Someone who is successful has their eyes open to anything and everything, right? So the idea that you have to decide is silly.

It is important that every moment is a choice, everything you do, life becomes beautiful because there is great joy because you want to do it right now. “Because I decided 11 years ago, I’m doing it.” How will you enjoy what you are doing? So every morning you get up and don’t know what to do, this is the perfect way to get up. Yes! This does not mean that you will do something different every day. Even if you do the same, it is by decision. Then it keeps you alive in everything you do because you do it of your own free will. The choice you make is now.

You may have made the same choice 11,000 times in the last 11 years, it doesn’t matter; but now you are actively making decisions again – this is very important. That’s the only way you’ll stay alive. Otherwise, I “choose” and become a burden.

“I made up my mind a long time ago, so I have to do it now” is a very burdensome process to live with. So confusion is much better than the stupid conclusions people make about life. The only thing is, you have to learn to enjoy the confusion. Yes.

I work hard to confuse you. Yes! Because all kinds of stupid conclusions about life, all kinds of stupid conclusions. You see, for a long time people thought they were going to heaven, okay? I’m taking one problematic thing right now because Afghanistan as a situation is bothering everybody in the world.

Heaven bound people, what they do on this planet, because they go to heaven, what is on this planet has no value. Anyway, they will go to heaven!

So now they’ve brought it in front of everyone – it’s always like that, it’s just that people don’t see it most of the time. But now, with the geopolitical situation, they rub it in your face.

“We’re going to heaven, you’re not going, so you see what we’re going to do with you.”
Anyway, I won’t go to your heaven, I won’t compete with you for heavenly real estate. You can leave me alone. Yeah, I’m not going to heaven. So you are heaven bound people, you should ignore me, right? But no, you can’t, because your life won’t fly while I live. Your life will only fly if you get rid of me, won’t it? So these things happen because people have conclusions.

How Do You Make A Decision When You Are Confused And What To Do

How did they come to this conclusion?
Who helped them make these conclusions?

I am making a very esoteric conclusion, but it also happens in everyday life. Someone believes it is right, just this one stupid conclusion, how many parents have abused their children? They love them, but they tortured them, they broke them every day. Yes or no? They love them, they hold them as the light of their life, but everyday, everyday torture, because they think this is the way, the way. Why can’t you look at it every now and then and see what brings it and everything else the ultimate in comfort?

Why can’t we look at what the problem is?

So, if you don’t know how to decide, if they confuse you, the problem is that there is no love or commitment to anything, okay? If there is an immense feeling of love for something, all these things will fit together.

You see, you don’t need morals, you don’t need values, you don’t need ethics; if you are conscious you don’t need any of this. Suppose this is not possible; the next best thing is that you have a deep sense of love. If you have this, again, you don’t need any values, you don’t need any ethics, you don’t need anything, because what you love, you will take care of it in the best possible way. Because people think—I guess I should read it to you because people think… love is bullshit, and you know, I love you, you love me, there’s crap going on everywhere. When you genuinely love something or someone, there is a huge sense of integrity. You will never do anything harmful to what you love – if you truly love. If love is a scheme of mutual benefit, then that is a different matter. Love is not just for sweet words, tenderness of touch and faint emotions.

Love is the foundation of honesty, courage and sacrifice. Who but those whose hearts are soaked in love have exalted the well-being of others above their own. Who faced threats and dangers, except those who invested in love. Who but lovers were most willing to sacrifice everything that matters and themselves on the altar of love. Love, the most tender and enduring of all human qualities.


You have to build something. If you have nothing, then the ability of this mind to consider and reassess everything every moment becomes a painful process; otherwise it becomes a fantastic process. You must become either aware or at least loving. When you have this, then you will see that this daily reflection will not be painful – it will be very joyful and wonderful.

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