Why our planet Earth is one of the special in the Universe?

Why our planet Earth is one of the special in the Universe?

This is a perfect planet and it didn’t breed one or two life forms, millions of life forms. The sheer variety of life—animals, birds, plants, insects, and worms—that we have on this planet is astounding.

Our ability to swallow the planet’s resources is too great. We used the land, we used the oceans. Our idea of ​​life has become exploitation.

From atom to anything, we see how to use. We killed every creature. Everything needs to be protected. A wild animal like the tiger needs protection today because we have found no other way, no other means by which we can spread.

We naturally think, exploiting physical resources is the only way to expand. This is how our economies are built right now. It’s about more, more and more. That means everyone has to buy more, everyone has to use more, but where the hell is more?

We are in exploitative mode, not by choice, by compulsion. The one and only solution is awareness. When humanity begins to function outside of consciousness, then compulsion will not control us.

When we are not driven by compulsion, we do only what is necessary, nothing more, nothing less. We have to figure that place out – or if they give us another ten planets to live on, we might destroy it all in the next two centuries. The only way, the one and only way, the final solution is for people to start living consciously. They are good human beings who have forgotten that they are only an outgrowth of this planet, human beings who have forgotten that they have just temporarily emerged from the womb of this earth and will one day be drawn back into this earth, because to them, April 22nd is a reminder that that you are part of this country.

You have to think like a country. If humanity is to live long, you must think like the Earth, act like the Earth, and be the Earth because that is what you are.

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