The Worlds Most Effective Antibiotics

The Worlds Most Effective Antibiotics

My Neighbour,  died at 22. She got tuberculosis. There was a belief that if you lived on a hill you could get well. She died in about 8 months. Penicillin may have saved more than 200 million lives in about 50 years. Tyranny means you care about no other life but your own.

What the land has given you is not just food; it is the clay that is your body, it is the clay that is this substance, it is the clay that is everything here, right? Anything and everything. This dirty soil was also your medicine.

The first antibiotic, which we call penicillin, came from a soil fungus. It is estimated that the introduction of penicillin may have saved more than 200 million lives in 50 years. It comes from the soil. Streptomycin, without which millions would die of tuberculosis…

The Worlds Most Effective Antibiotics
soil fungus etc.

My Neighbour,  died at the age of 22 when my father was only about 4 years old, or just over 4 years old. She got tuberculosis – a rich family, but there is no cure. So they built a small house for her on a hill because it was believed that if you live on a hill and breathe clean air, you can get well. So they put her there and she got worse and worse; she died in about 8 months. This was a normal process with previous generations.

That penicillin and streptomycin together could save something like 400 to 500 million lives in one generation. The Worlds Most Effective Antibiotics All this comes from the soil; and there are many other things.

Why go so separately? Just everything you know as life, everything you know as material that you use is soil. Yes or no? There comes a time when if we don’t attend to it, it can scare us. There is no “may” anywhere – it will drive us crazy. If we don’t seriously try to reverse it, it will scare us.

The word “yoga” means this, spirituality means this, that your experience of life is not limited by the boundaries of your body. If it were so for every man, how could you escape the earth’s terrible screeching? The earth is screaming. I sat for hours and days in the woods, not only alive, but exhilarated, intoxicated, intoxicated with life, for life buzzes with great licentiousness. You won’t see most of your life. But still, when you walk in various other parts of the world, the earth screams in pain. It’s not something you make up in your head, life screams!

A butcher who butchers large animals cannot hear the cry of the animal. Hi? There are many people who kill other human beings, they do not hear the screams and pain of these people. Those who rape and murder, do you think they heard the cry? Then go. Maybe the ear heard it, but it’s not going anywhere. So the butcher who slaughters the animals does not hear the cries of the animals.

He who cuts trees and anything else, other living things, does not hear it. Similarly, one who is busy destroying invisible life does not hear it – it does not mean that it is not there. So we are at a crucial time. If you do things right in the next 10 to 15 years, you’ll be satisfied to see something significant happen. It won’t be fireworks, it will happen quietly. It happens very quietly. You have to understand this; even when great events were happening, let’s say the Indian freedom struggle was going on.

The worst kind of exploitation happened to the country and the people. People are treated like dogs; boards everywhere in India, “Indians and dogs not allowed.” Most places – restaurants, clubs, all important places. And if you go to any office, you can be anything, you can be rich, you can be educated, but if you want to sit on a chair, you need permission from the government that you can sit on the chair, otherwise they have to sit on the floor.

You had to have a permit, a printed permit, otherwise you couldn’t sit on the chair. Even though they treated you so badly, only about 20% of the people fought for freedom. The other 80%: “Anyway, someone’s fighting.” (Laughter) I’m asking, will you be the 80%?

Participants: No!

When something needs to be done, you have to get up and do it! In Kannada they say: This means that if someone is dead, the corpse must be carried. In India you always need 4 people to carry a corpse;

that’s respect, at least 4 people must carry. When they’re carrying 4 people, there’s one guy who can’t carry the weight, who’ll just go like this… (Gestures) (Laughter) Are you that guy?

Participants: No!

Please don’t be because you will die unfulfilled in your life. It doesn’t matter – the extra pounds are hard, but it’s fulfilling that you’re not the guy who gets away with it… don’t be! As a generation of people, we shouldn’t be like that. Then we can have the kind of world we want to live in, otherwise we will live in a world created by tyrants of various kinds.

Don’t think it’s just Adolph Hitler, Mussolini, somebody, somebody… tyrants everywhere. It may come in the form of an industry, it may come in the form of a political leader, it may come in the form of yourself – who knows? Tyranny means you don’t care about any life but your own. That’s tyranny, isn’t it? Hi? Tyranny does not mean you are a dictator in a country. I don’t think most of you have the skills to be a dictator, it’s not easy.

Tyranny simply means that you care about no life but your own. This is tyranny! I… I want you to… not just do something for the 100 days and make this move – that’s not what I’m asking.

I am asking you to become a sensitive life. Because without sensitivity there is no life. That’s about all. Being human means many, many possibilities, the highest level of sensitivity – if you don’t show it, then your humanity comes into question.

This is not the Save Soil movement. Your humanity is questioned, your spirituality definitely, a big question mark! Because if you don’t feel anything, how is it going to work? “I can only smell this. What does it mean?  Don’t become like that. This is a great opportunity for you to become a little more aware than where you are right now.

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